1. "Here’s How to Take Your Power Back from Negative Emotions!"

    It’s amazing how much turmoil we cause in our lives just because we don’t stop to feel our feelings. It’s like we’ll do almost ANYTHING else but feel our feelings if those feelings are scary.

    One reason why just reading books & going to seminars and reading TDL is not enough is because if all we are doing is chasing the next thing, then we are substituting the next thing for feeling our feelings.

    I had a client recently discover that all her life she denied her feelings. And she wondered why people were always at a distance. She wondered why she never experienced true intimacy (which requires truth telling). And after a month of working together plus suggesting she go on The Love Cleanse, she started to feel.  The Love Cleanse will make you feel, baby!

    But what she was feeling was not elation – it was sadness. And after about 30 days of not drinking, she wanted to go back; I suggested that she didn’t, and she passed through the storm of the emotions she was hiding with alcohol. Then a couple weeks later when she wanted to go back to an ex that wasn’t healthy for her, I suggested she not and just wait out the feelings. She did and after the feelings of wanting him back passed, she said to me that she is so happy she didn’t go back because her life would be in so much turmoil right now if she did.

    And THAT’s the magic! Just staying with the feelings a little longer, not giving in to them, not allowing ourselves to become victims of emotion. But rather, love ourselves enough to know that, “This too will pass”.

    This emotional arc that we pass through, some people call it “The Dark Night of The Soul”, others call it just plain crazy. But what if, on the other side of feeling your feelings, what if you just felt them instead of ate them, drink them or spent them away? We would step into a broader world where so much more was possible.

    This is not easy, but on the other side is freedom. We do not have to be held captive by our desires and our patterns. We can rise above them. Will you join my client today in rising above?

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