1. True spiritual growth comes from being okay with the unknown.

    Reveling in it.

    Leaving that steady job that is making you unhappy now, even if you don’t know how you’ll pay for things.

    Going on a spontaneous road trip.

    Moving to another country…

    Etc., etc.

    This growth can also happen within.

    We all tend to live very much in our ego.

    We listen more with our heads than our hearts.

    This is very true for me too!

    And when we do this, we become somewhat disillusioned.

    We see things not as they really are.

    We become unhappy, even shut off.

    For the longest time, I’ve been trying to shush my ego, or let it go and ignore it, trying all the different techniques I’ve learned along my journey to stop listening to my ego.

    After taking a yoga class yesterday, the teacher came up to me afterwards.

    She was complimenting me on my practice and my ability to surrender.

    I said I felt quite otherwise, that there was much chaos…. That I couldn’t fully relax.

    She then pointed out that it may be the mind chatter… The ego, that is keeping me from fully letting go,

    And this was so true!

    Much like Eckhart Tolle suggests in, “The Power of Now”, she recommended observing my ego, observing my mind.

    To sit and mediate and just be an observer.

    To not judge, but to, much like you would at, say, a coffee shop… Observe others… To so do with your own mind.

    And this made sense.

    This morning while I was walking, I had a little epiphany!

    I had been trying to eliminate the noise in my head by escaping to my heart.

    I tried visualizing light emanating from my heart center.

    I tried to see my inner child.

    I tried to feel love.

    All from my heart center.

    But it always felt forced.

    And then, without doing anything, I felt the silence within my own heart.

    It was peace and joy and happiness and love.

    A sense of oneness with all.

    And I realized that was all I ever had to do.

    When the ego (the chaos, the mind chatter, the lies) gets so overwhelming, all I had to do was look at, listen, or feel the silence, the blissful silence within!

    The ego is chaos.

    The heart is silence.

    Beatiful things are birthed from chaos.

    To discriminate chaos and silence as good or bad is not what one should do.

    Neither is good nor bad.

    Refrain fom judgments of any kind.

    To live in our heart is to be true.

    To live in our minds is to be false.

    To unite the two is to be whole.

    To separate the two is to be incomplete.

    To be able to mindfully observe the chaotic workings of the ego, we can then be able to discern the lies it tells us.

    We can stand back and realize that we are the creators of our destiny.

    And then we can laugh at or comfort our egos and say, “I know what you are telling me is false. I know that I don’t have to believe you. I will be open to seeing the truth.”

    So I encourage you, my fellow Love Rebel’s, to look within.

    Listen to the lies your ego is telling you.

    Choose to comfort your ego and say everything is okay.

    It is okay to be fully present and aware.

    Everything will work out.

    I need not be attached to an expectation of a certain outcome.

    I am open and compassionate.

    I am love.

    And then venture to the heart, the knower of all things true.

    And listen to the silence.

    Because that is what is real.

    Growing up from MyEmoHeart

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  2. I am every woman.

    I am every man.

    I am every creature.

    I am every feature.

    I am the space in between.

    I am what is unseen.

    I am love.

    I am love.

    I am love.

    Shanti, shanti, shanti from MyEmoHeart

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  3. When You Numb Your Pain You Numb Your Joy! Stay Open!

    Negative energy is an interesting thing. We tend to dislike it - and it makes sense. It’s not fun to experience either giving or receiving. But, it’s a part of life - and to deny this part of life is to deny life.

    My mom said something REALLY wise to me last week. She has had MASSIVE back troubles in her life - surgery, dying and coming back from it and she is a token of perseverance and rising above the diagnoses of doctors. She has had a relationship with pain her whole adult life. And if anyone is justified in being negative, it’s her.

    And you know what - she’s not. She is my constant spiritual teacher in being cool, calm, collected and present. We talk pretty much every day and it’s something I’ve done for the last 11 years since I moved to L.A. Last week she said, “When you numb your pain, you numb your joy.”

    And this is a BIG statement coming from HER. She knows A LOT about pain because she lives with it daily. And it really got me thinking. I get asked all the time how folks can “be open, but not feel pain.” And that’s just not how it works. And my mom’s wise statement pretty much sums up why. When we are open to life, we are open to pain. And life is a duality. Positive and negative. To be open, is to be open to both.

    The KEY is in how WE interpret these energies. It’s easy to interpret positive energy in a powerful way. It’s not so easy to interpret negative energy this way. It’s damn hard. It’s almost impossible.

    But that is one of the keys to happiness, fulfillment and spiritual growth - to be open and to give negative energy an EMPOWERING meaning. I didn’t say - make negative positive. NO. And I didn’t say DENY negative energy, I said give negative energy an EMPOWERING meaning. That means to learn the lesson, see it in a way that honors the negative’s existence, but doesn’t make you dwell in it.

    Hurt, pain, anger, loss - all these are natural parts of life. To stop ourselves from living because we do not want to go to these emotive places is to stop ourselves from living at all. As we open to life, we open to all of life. And that’s what we signed up for in this human experience. To be on this rollercoaster and to not let it consume us, but instead, to become steadfast enough in our practice where we feel - and float with it - instead of against it.

    When we are open to life in its BRILLIANCE, BEAUTY, JOY, ABUNDANCE and its HURT, PAIN, TRAGEDY and SADNESS - then we are fully alive. And as we open to the negative, it also gives us more empathy for the negative that others are experiencing - and this tends to unite us.

    Don’t cut yourself off from life because you only want to feel the good and are scared of feeling the negative. The journey is worth it. The pain is a teacher. The negativity brings us lessons that we NEED to learn. Stay open.

    – Via The Daily Love

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  4. In what ways can you go slower today?

    Can you focus on one thing at a time, being present in this very moment?

    Can you walk slower and take time to enjoy the breeze on your face, the sun on your hair, the sounds of the birds, the smell of some flowers?

    Can you take time to enjoy the taste of your food, your tea, your coffee…?

    Can you take time to enjoy the company of others… In person, not through social media?

    Can you enjoy your beauty and nuture your body when it tells you it needs so?

    Wishing you peace from MyEmoHeart

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  5. Spiritually speaking…

    Nothing really matters.

    So stop trying so hard.

    To please.

    To be perfect.

    To achieve.

    To be something you’re not.

    You are perfectly you!

    Let go.

    Have faith.


    Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

    Tears, hurt, happiness, darkness, laughter…. And all!

    Life is beautiful, just the way it is!

    Can you please let yourself enjoy it?

    Can you step out and refuse to be anything but yourself?

    Can you respond with only love and kindness?

    Both toward yourself and others?

    Can you revel in the beauty of life and live in this very moment…

    Letting go of all the things that hold you back from being here, right now?

    Can you be?

    Up for the challenge, from MyEmoHeart

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  6. "A pure heart is the greatest weapon."

    What does this mean?


    What kind of innocence?

    Aren’t we all innocent?


    We all have “pure ness” within.

    We all have the purest of intentions.

    We are all innocent.

    Listen to your inner guidance.

    Listen to the voice within.

    For when you follow this guidance, you create your own happiness.

    You see the world in all it’s beauty.

    You see everyone and everything in the best light.

    You spread peace.

    You spread love.

    All from following your heart!!

    And that’s what a pure, innocent heart looks like.

    Why is it the greatest weapon?

    Well, my love, love is the purest form of all.

    Reacting with love instead of hate.

    Sharing kindness and joy instead of violence and war.

    That is the greatest weapon…

    Because love makes the world go round.

    Loving you from MyEmoHeart

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  7. Sometimes we forget that life is to be enjoyed.

    We go along with the majority, so fearful of following our hearts and living our dreams.

    We go through the motions and become zombies.. Forgetting to pay attention to the voice within…

    Eventually lashing our irrationally, shutting off completely, becoming numb, or clinging to a disease, substance, etc. to help us through.

    What I am saying is that WE are the ones who create our own misery.

    We are the ones who are too foolish to see the beauty within and the beauty without.

    If only we took a minute of our day to breathe, realize how beautiful we were, how beautiful this world is, to be thankful for what we do have, to listen to our hearts, not the minds of others…

    A huge proportion of sickness and disease would seemingly disappear.

    Happiness would abound.

    Joy would be had by all.

    By listening to that inner guidance, you will enjoy your life.

    Sometimes you need to quit that job that brings pains to your mind, body, and soul, even if you don’t know how you will pay for food.

    If you do not feel good, you are not following your inner guidance!

    You must have faith that everything will work out.

    It will once you listen to that heart!

    Life is always working in your favor.

    Stop and let go.

    Have faith in the universe.

    And if you don’t want to take such a risk, dance, sing, go crazy… Enjoy any moment you can.

    This is your life.

    Live it the way you want.

    In the end, the only thing that matters is you happiness.

    Love and support from MyEmoHeart

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  8. Remember when you were little and you always saw the best in others?

    And even if they hurt your feelings, you told them so, felt the feeling, and then let it go.

    All the while still seeing the best in them?

    Maybe it’s time to reintroduce this.

    Spirit fingers from MyEmoHeart

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  9. A great person once said…

    'Life is working for you, not against you.'

    Remember that.

    Xoxo from MyEmoHeart

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  10. Stop denying yourself.

    Stop denying yourself love.

    Stop denying yourself space.

    Stop denying yourself peace of mind.

    Stop denying yourself time.

    Stop denying yourself freedom.

    Stop denying yourself help from others.

    Stop denying.

    Stop lying.

    Stop avoiding those dark parts deep inside.

    There is nothing to fear.

    They are part of you just as much as everyone else.

    They will get stronger the more you deny them.

    Don’t be afraid to face them.

    Love them.

    Embrace them.

    The darkness are only the places that you have not yet given love to.

    Don’t deny yourself from being completely you.

    All of you.

    Including those dark places!

    Xoxo from MyEmoHeart

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